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Committed to
Stroke Education,
Prevention & Recovery

Stampede for Stroke runners

***Please excuse our mess while we are redecorating, but please check out our 2014 event dates***

Welcome to the ABC Brigade

We believe education is vital to stroke prevention and the key to a full and productive life after stroke.
Our goal is to become a major source of information, education and assistance for stroke survivors and their families.

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trivia 2014

2014 Strokes FORe Strokes Golf Tournament
Sponsors for the 2014 Strokes FORe Stroke Golf Tournament

How You Can Support the ABC Brigade

In keeping with our mission, the ABC BRIGADE intends to host an annual Stroke Awareness Fair during May, Stroke Awareness Month, as well as other educational events and walks/runs for stroke awareness and prevention.

What can you do? Get involved:
  • Volunteer
  • Participate in an Event
  • Become an Event Sponsor
  • Make a Donation

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Upcoming 2014 Events:  More Details Coming Soon!


Focus On Stroke Wellness Fair – Date to be announced soon

October 18, 2014 – STAMPEDE FOR STROKE


The ABC Brigade would love to thank everyone who participated in the 2013 Strokes Fore Stroke Golf Tournament™

➺And a Special Thanks to all our sponsors!(see list of sponsors here)


Please help support our mission.
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A Few Facts About Stroke:

• Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.
• Stroke is the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States.
• Each year, approximately 795,000 people suffer a stroke.
• Missouri ranks 4th in the United States for number of strokes.
• Strokes can and do occur at ANY age.
(Nearly one fourth of strokes occur in people under the age of 65.)

Are you at risk? ➺Do you know your ABCs?…